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Coronavirus(COVID-19) – The World and Bangladesh

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Coronavirus(COVID-19) – The World and Bangladesh

wear face mask

A small virus name is Corona makes a mammoth change in human’s lifestyle over the world. Coronavirus (covid-19) is the present issue in all over the world.

Peoples are seems to be dismayed for this pandemic disease. In a short time, it already took so many lives from the earth. The world cannot do anything but try to control it from spreading. After a century world people facing a pandemic disease. Scientists and doctors all over the world try to solve this problem. Already they are trying different vaccines on people. But still, now there is no result about it.

poor people in coronavirus
Poor Peoples In COVID-19

Corona situation in world:

According to the latest update 4.1million people is effected in Corona virus disease, 281k people died because of coronavirus and 1.4million people are recovered. World’s doctors are now the main warrior to cope with this situation.

Corona situation in Bangladesh:

China is the country that is liable for this pandemic issue. Covid-19 originated from china and spread all over the world. And now it is performing very effectively in Bangladesh. It is so much problematic issue for developing countries like Bangladesh.

Symptoms: The symptoms of corona disease are several. When one infected by corona he/ she faced severe fever and dry cough (which can be more than one hour) initially. With the increasing of time, the symptoms are increasing like sore throat, headache, etc. When a person gets the coronavirus from another source it will not affect instantly. Take 4 to 5 days for appearing the symptoms.

Doctors of Bangladesh suggested people not to drink cold water. Also say that people need to eat vitamin C, D, carbohydrate included food. Because it helps to make a better immune system in our body so that we can fight with this pandemic virus. But as a developing country most of the people are poor or middle class for that it is more difficult to fulfill the necessity of vitamins and minerals during the lock down.

Government movements: Though the government takes many steps coronavirus spreading very quickly all over the country. And it is going out of control because of people’s unconsciousness. Every day more than 500 people infected approximately by corona due to their recklessness. Because of the coronavirus(COVID-19), the economy of Bangladesh is also decreasing. Now the government takes the decision to open the garments. Is that the right decision at all? If garments and other industries close in for a long time it will impact our economy immensely. But opening them to control economic disruption also extremely effective on human health.

Where the infected people are increasing, in this time the decision to open markets, garments and others can affect seriously people’s life.

Bangladesh is facing more problems by virtue of fewer facilities. The number of test for every day is also downcast that is also a big problem. Though the government tries their best, some wrong decisions and some ultra vires politics make the situation worse day by day.

The percentages of recovering from the corona are so much downcast in Bangladesh if we compare it with the transmission. Covid-19

For less consciousness, Bangladesh peoples are infected more and maybe it will gone out of control. However, Bangladesh is not able to cope with this problem properly but still, now we have hope. We need to follow the instructions that are given by the government and WHO, after that we may able to minimize the pandemic situation.

Still, now our death is low but making it lower we all need to work together from home. We see that the government helps poor people hugely during this lock down but all affluent community need come for helping the country So that the people who are the bourgeoisie and poorer can get help to live life and can support their family. Already a huge amount of collaboration is going on by the government and by others. Many volunteers are working together to help peoples who are helpless.

So what can we do this time?

Wear face mask to stay safe from coronavirus
Face Mask

Though all situations are not going through with our own desire. But we need to protect ourselves and also our family. Proper safety and security ensuring by us and also by the industries where we work, that can help to minimize the infection.

  • Stay away from one another and wear masks always.
  • Do not talk so much with other people.
  • If anyone suffering from fever and cough do not think much and go to the doctor and take the suggestion.
  • Anyhow if you get infected by COVID-19 then maintain proper isolation. If you are not in proper isolation than it will be infect other peoples around you.
  • Use hand gloves and hand sanitizer when you go outside from home. And take proper care when you go to market or any working area.
  • Do not touch anything when you are outside from home. And always try to clean your home by antiseptics so that it can be safe for your family and children.
  • Strictly told your children not to go outside make them understand why they should not go outside. In so far try to stay home.
  • Eat fruits which include vitamin C.
  • Aware other peoples who stay around you.

So, we could say that, until the vaccine of coronavirus (COVID-19) is not get discovered the disease of corona will not be ejected. When we all are aware then we can shorten the negative effects and impacts occur due to coronavirus. At last, we can say that awareness grow in yourself and also in other people. And the government also needs to take a more compatible decision for the country good well.


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